Tuesday, August 26, 2014

87th Annual Valentino Memorial Service - August 23, 2014

88 Years ago, this was the headline that stunned the world.  On the first anniversary and every year since, on August 23rd the Valentino Memorial Service has been held. 

This is the cover of the Valentino Memorial program that is given to each attendee.

The inside of this years Valentino Memorial program, listing the line up of speakers/singers

 Tracy Ryan Terhune Emcee of the 87th Valentino Memorial, welcomes everyone

A video was shown of Castellaneta as it looks today

Michael Di Giuro tells of his several visits to Castellaneta and the Valentino Museum

A tribute to Marvin Paige, who passed away last November. Marvin was on the Valentino Memorial committee and every year brought items from his collection for display.   We had a tribute video in his memory as well as a "Reserved" seat where he sat every year, with a rose across his empty seat.  Marvin Paige will be missed.

Allison Francis read three poems from Valentino's own personal copy of "Daydreams' the book of poetry that was published in 1923

The Valentino Memorial Tribute Video 2014 was a HUGE crowd favorite.  The song used was "With One Look"  from the Broadway musical Sunset Blvd  This version was sung by Michael Ball.

The Wegter family wrote two songs in honor & tribute to Rudolph Valentino exclusively for the 2014 Valentino Memorial Service.   Rex, Laura, Rachel & Seth Wegter performed both songs to the delight of the entire audience.  

  Garrett Bryant reads a vintage newspaper article regarding an auction preview held in Falcon Lair. It also mentioned the off duty police officer guarding the glass case that the Valentino "slave" bracelet was displayed in. 

 "A Last Look at Falcon Lair"  a video produced with never before released video footage of the interior of Falcon Lair before it was demolished.  The photo above was showing the front doors in close-up.

Falcon Lair had no greater champion than Christopher Riordan.  Christopher was the key-note speaker for the 87th Valentino Memorial and he shared his heartfelt remembrances of Falcon Lair.  His association to the estate goes back 54 years.

Valentino Memorial committee member Stella Grace closed the 87th Valentino Memorial by leading the audience in reciting the 23rd Psalm from the Bible.  It was printed on the back of the program.

 In closing of the 87th Valentino Memorial,  Tracy Ryan Terhune thanks everyone including the speakers, singers and all those who attended this celebration of the life and legacy of Rudolph Valentino

 The 87th Annual Valentino Memorial audience - August 23, 2014

Afterwords the crowds viewed the display of estate items from Falcon Lair. 

Flowers for Rudy on August 23, 2014.  I brought 2 dozen roses which are pictured here

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Rudolph Valentino Memorial - Celebrates His Life & Legacy

Please do not listen to people who, in my opinion, are crackpots.  They would tell you that those who attend the Valentino Memorial celebrate his death.  They air their disdain for the Valentino Memorial every single year and it fails miserably.  Every year attendance has skyrocketed. Those people who attend realize that the "crackpots" are just .....woopsie!... self promoting.  Yep. They spew mis-information while they at the same time pronounce only they have Valentino truth that everyone else has tried to suppress. This "truth" sooooo long suppressed... is available for the price of a book, of course! LOL!!! One elderly lady continues wailing against the Memorial.  Guess what?  She has a few Valentino books she's selling.

Surprised?  Didn't think so.

Anyone who's attended the Valentino Memorial Service considers such people (in their opinion) as, "crackpots"  The Memorial has been subjected to a lot of crackpots over its 87 years. They call it George Ullman's creation as a publicity stunt. (very not true)  They claim that they, not us, "celebrate his life"  By way of observation, I see on their sites they don't celebrate a single thing about Rudolph Valentino's life.  They are selling books.  All of them have books out on Valentino.  Their thirst to draw attention from the annual Valentino Memorial to THEMSELVES gets more loud every August especially as the Memorial Service draws near.  You can almost set your watch to it, they are that predictable.

I think it's safe to say that the Valentino Memorial will continue for generations to come.

The Valentino Memorial Service
August 23, 2014