Friday, January 16, 2015

Valentino Forever . Com - Returning Soon!

My website Valentino Forever . com has been dormant the last 36 months. Due to several private emails encouraging its return, they wanted the truth to be told .  The people have spoken!   I am glad to announce that the site is, as we speak, being 100% revamped, expanded and you will soon see its triumphant return.  It will give insight to all things and aspects regarding the Valentino Memorial. 

It will all be told. The people, the drama,  -  all the players in the almost 90 year history of the  Valentino Memorial Service.  George Ullman will take his correct place in the lineup of  an updated "Who's Who" section, along with the much beloved Luther Mahoney, the less loved Pola Negri, Jean Acker and many others.

Plans for this years Valentino Memorial are already in motion and you will be updated here on the upcoming August 23rd service as well as all previous services.

Valentino Forever . Com   -  RETURNING SOON!


  1. Thank you for putting your website back up..I am looking forward to it...BTW, I cannot wait to visit the Memorial Service again in Aug....

  2. Thank you! I hit a minor glitch with software update so the website will hopefully be back up by May (Rudy's birthday) if not sooner! Looking forward to seeing you again on August 23rd. We had fun walking around the back side of Falcon Lair property last Aug 24th didnt we :)