Sunday, January 11, 2015

Valentino Forever

I am proud to say that my book  VALENTINO FOREVER the definitive book on the history of the Rudolph Valentino Memorial Service is going into its 11th year of publication and shows no signs of stopping.  I can tell from the swell in numbers of people who have attended in recent years that Valentino is, indeed forever.  The Memorial Service is treasured Hollywood tradition that, contrary to opinion was never conceived by S. George Ullman, however he did attend numerous of the Valentino Memorials the last documented visit was 1965 which was a decade before his passing. I am in custody of all of the back and forth correspondence between S. George Ullman and Ditra Flame.  No where does he ever mention or indicate that he conceived of the idea of the Valentino Memorial.   Now you know the TRUTH.

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