Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Valentino Memorial for 2015

On the new website you will soon be able to learn the history of this wonderful event, started by loyal fans on the first anniversary of his passing, and is still going strong even today.

This year on August 23rd we will be saluting the 90th anniversary of the landmark Valentino film "The Eagle" as well as his famed United Artists contract.  Lots of good things to be announced as time draws near!.  Make plans to attend, This unique historic service dedicated to remembering the life of one remarkable man - RUDOLPH VALENTINO

I am delighted to be a part of it and this year marks my 20th service.  My 2nd year they didn't even have chairs for the people, there were only 12 or so people there! I thought I was witnessing the end and felt I needed to get involved.  Presto! In the past several years the place is packed and standing room only!   The crowds have grown larger and larger. In 2004 my book Valentino Forever came out that tells the long history of this event.

AUGUST 23, 2015

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