Friday, September 25, 2015

Alberto Valentino - Beloved Brother, Beloved Father, Beloved Husband

No one suffered more after the untimely death of Rudolph Valentino than Alberto Valentino his beloved brother.  They were very close and Rudy had sent him to Paris to set up a distribution hub for Rudolph Valentino Productions when he received the wire that Rudy had fallen ill. Rudy's passing changed forever Alberto and his family's whole life. For them nothing would be the same.  The below photo is an original signed Abbe photo of both Alberto and Rudy in happier days visiting the Hudnut Paris home circa 1924.  I purchased this photo from the highly esteemed Valentino collector William Self, he himself a personal friend to Alberto and Alberto's son Jean.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Valentino Memorial - Early Photos

Now that the 2015 88th Valentino Memorial Service has successfully concluded, I thought it would be fun to share early photos of where it is held.  These photos show the exterior of and inside corridor of the Cathedral Mausoleum from 1938.  It is here in this wide corridor that the annual Valentino Memorial Service is held every August 23rd.  Every year since 1927

 "We Never Forget"

Monday, September 7, 2015

Valentino Memorial 2015 In Pictures

Banners flank the columns for the 88th Valentino Memorial 

Front of program for the Valentino Memorial 2015

Inside of program

12:10pm  - The Valentino Memorial Serice is set to start

Tracy Ryan Terhune -  Welcome and opening remarks including a passage from Rudy regarding his thoughts about the Valentino Memorial (read from Rudolph Valentino The Untold Story by Wayne Hatford  - page 103)

Tracy Ryan Terhune introducing guest speaker Allan Ellenberger, showing his wonderful book The Valentino Mystique

Historian and author Allen R. Ellenberger spoke and showed historic Valentino locations from both New York and Los Angeles

Allison Francis read three selections of poetry from Daydreams the book of poetry that Rudolph Valentino wrote in 1923.  She is holding (and read from) Valentino's own personal copy of the book.

The Wegter family sang two songs which they wrote and performed;  Like Valentino and Shooting Star   Rex, Laura, Rachel and Seth Wegter

Zachary Kadin read the listing from The Eagle campaign book detailing how exhibitors can increase business by using the brass Eagle coin as a promotion.  He is holding one of the Mark Strand Theatre Eagle coins which are the most valued, as Rudolph Valentino attended the performance and later threw them out of the car window to get people to scatter so his driver could escape the crowd

Tracy Ryan Terhune introducing the key note speaker for the 88th Valentino Memorial, Jeffrey Vance.  Holding Mr. Vance's Chaplin book.

Aclaimed author and historian Jeffrey Vance spoke indepth on the Valentino/Picford association.  

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The ring Valentino wore in The Eagle (pictured) was on public display for the very first time in it's history (aside from public auctions) at the Valentino Memorial this year

Gifted singer Nick Palance was not listed in the program as they had gone to press prior to his being confirmed for the Memorial.  This was his third time at the Valentino Memorial.  His first song was Ave Maria

Stella Grace led the audience in reciting of the 23rd Psalm from the Bible.  This is a long standing tradition at the Valentino Memorial


Valentino Displays at the 88th Valentino Memorial

Thank you to Frank Labrador and Chris Roman for kind permission to use their photographs of the Valentino Memorial 2015