Thursday, October 22, 2015

Rudolph Valentino and James Dean

This past September 30, 2015 marked the 60th anniversary of the passing of James Dean. 

Throughout the past 60 years, memorial services are held at his grave every year.  If you walk down Hollywood Blvd it’s not hard to find James Dean items on the shelf of every gift shop. T shirts coffee mugs, key chains etc.  On his death in 1955 there was a great outcry of the loss of this young 24 year old actor which blazed across the sky starring in just 3 films "East of Eden", "Rebel Without A Cause", and "Giant"

Almost every newspaper made the connection of the outpouring of grief to that of Rudolph Valentino 29 years earlier, in 1926 when he died at the age of 31.  A bust of Rudolph Valentino is in the DeLongpre Park in Hollywood.   A bust of James Dean is at the Griffith Park Observatory which served as the backdrop in key scenes of his classic film "Rebel Without A Cause"

Yes the Valentino Memorial and its continuance have paved the path for other stars to be duly remembered.  "We Never Forget"

James Dean - Valentino Newspaper Connection

James Dean bust at Griffith Park Observatory

Rudolph Valentino bust at DeLongpre Park

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