Monday, October 26, 2015

Valentino Memorial 1926 Tribute Plaque

S.George Ullman, early administrator of the Valentino estate commissioned this plaque in August 1926.  It is not known what he intended to do with it, but by December it was auctioned off along with all of Rudolph Valentino's personal belongings (sans jewelry and clothing)  The price the estate paid for this was $800  The relief likeness of Valentino is in solid brass and the surrounding is veined black marble with polished brass framing along with the 'comedy/tragedy' artist masks at the top. It stands about a foot and a half.  I have had the privilege of holding this in my own hands and can attest that it is very heavy, very sturdy, and has a built in latch to have it stand upright like an easel.  It is now in a private collection.  Truly a beautiful one of a kind piece of Rudolph Valentino art.  Here it is pictured sitting in a red chair.

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