Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Valentino Memorial Guest Speaker Mary Philbin "Phantom of the Opera" Silent Star

On August 23,1988 silent film star Mary Philbin was the guest speaker at the Valentino Memorial Service.  Mary is best known as Christine who rips off the mask of Lon Chaney in the 1925 silent classic "Phantom of the Opera"  She also starred in many Universal silent films.  When sound came in she decided to retire from acting.  Over time Mary became a wealthy recluse as she had invested her money very wisely and was financially very well off.  The historic Valentino Memorial brought her out of the house to speak fondly of Valentino.  Mary had attended both the New York and Hollywood funerals, one of the few people to have done so.   Here are a couple of snapshots of Mary on this rare outing.



  1. Seems like these are the only photos of her in public.

    1. Indeed. She made three public appearances (whatever that means) after 1931. This was the first.

  2. I may be wrong, but these photos appear to be frame grabs from a video tape. If so, I wonder who has the original tape? I would love to see it.