Thursday, January 28, 2016

Alberto Valentino & Pola Negri - Rare Photo Leaving Ambassador Hotel For Valentino Funeral 1926

We have all seen the well known photo of Pola Negri and Alberto Valentino entering the Church of the Good Shepherd for his brothers funeral on September 7, 1926.

Here is a rare photo of them just minutes prior; leaving the Ambassador Hotel.  Pola had already rented a bungalow on the grounds of the hotel and upon his arrival in Los Angeles the day before, Alberto took up temporary residence in a bungalow of his own there.  Thinking he would be in town only for the funeral and awhile after to settle the estate - it turned out that he would bring his family to Los Angeles and all of them would live their entire lives there.  But he didn't know that then, when this photo was taken.

I am also showing a close up of their exit of the hotel; you can see the sadness etched onto Alberto's face.  The next stop after this photo would be the Church of the Good Shepherd in Beverly Hills.

Alberto Valentino escorts Pola Negri from the Ambassador Hotel to the Valentino funeral that would be held at the Church of the Good Shepherd in Beverly Hills  September 7, 1926

Close -up of photo showing Alberto's visible grief

Well known photograph of Pola Negri & Alberto leading the procession into the Church of the Good Shepherd, followed by Mr. and Mrs. S. George Ullman

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