Monday, January 25, 2016

Eleanor Parker visits Valentino's Whitley Heights Home

Here are two publicity shots of gifted actress Eleanor Parker visiting the former Whitley Heights home of Rudolph Valentino.  One taken outside the doorway, and one inside the ransacked home.   The reason she is there is to squeeze publicity out of the (then) recent ransacking of the famed Valentino estate.  The home set to be sold and moved - the idea was abandoned when over eager fans broke into the home and stripped every away any item or fixture that they felt was associated with Rudolph Valentino.  The home, inside and out had been heavily modified in the 25 years after Valentino's passing; however there were many original items carted away.

Eleanor Parker the same year would star in the lukewarm biopic called "Valentino" released by Columbia Pictures in 1951.  She played the love interest 'Joan Carlisle' which was a fictitious character.
She later gained a degree of screen immortality when cast in the 1965 musical classic "The Sound of Music" playing 'The Baroness"

The home was later demolished to make room for the Hollywood freeway, and it's brick foundation can still be seen.

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