Friday, January 8, 2016

George Ullman: Rudolph Valentino Productions

Right after the passing of Rudolph Valentino, George Ullman quickly moved the production offices of Rudolph Valentino off of the United Artists lot, located at the corner of Formosa &  Santa Monica Blvd to just down the street at 6605 Santa Monica Blvd.

It was here that, in addition to the settling of the estate, Ullman also had to contend with the delivery by the post office of sacks full of mail on a daily basis, addressed to the deceased star.  Apparently even Mrs. Ullman got into the act and pitched in to help with the overwhelming correspondence.

The address number on the building was later changed.  Here is a rare upstairs look at the suite of offices, it is uncertain which suite that the Rudolph Valentino Productions occupied.  The photos were taken before the more modern restoration of the building took place.  All of the railings and flooring and doors are original.  You can see the famous Rambova/Valentino bungalow just to the right.   You can almost step back in time!



This mock photo of Ullman and his secretary with the superimposed image of Rudy (from Son of the Sheik) was taken in the above offices.

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