Tuesday, January 26, 2016

In Memory of Rudolph Valentino

Here is a July 1927 edition of the Girls Cinema, a London based collectable movie magazine geared towards a younger female audience.  It was printed on cheaper paper stock.  On the eve of the first anniversary of his passing, Rudolph Valentino is again the cover story with a beautiful color card given in each magazine.  This edition is quite collectable and very few survived intact.  It's nice to see Rudolph Valentino remembered across the globe.

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  1. In possession of this strikingly beautiful colour postcard and still on the look out for the magazine to go with it. I does state though that this card came with the edition of August 27th, 1927. The card on the reverse features the following poem ...


    Those who had found their dreams but shades
    Whose colours callous Reason fades,
    Those who longed in a modern world
    To see Romance's cloak unfurled,
    Those who were lonely, in whose breasts
    The love of Chivalry still rests,
    Those whose love had none to cheer;
    These were his sweethearts, he their dear.

    Forget not we lest it be said
    'Not he alone-Romance lies dead."