Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Rudolph Valentino "We Mourn Our Loss"

Here is an obvious staged photo, but compelling, none-the less.  After the death of Rudolph Valentino on August 23, 1926 there were various outward expressions of grief.   Here, school children in an Italian section of New York kneel before an American flag in flowers, and ribbon draped Abbe portrait photo of Valentino to pay their respects.  Partly hidden by the front row heads of the school children it is written in ribbon "We Mourn Our Loss"

90 years have gone by since this photo was taken.  While time has marched on, Rudolph Valentino is still beloved, both remembered and honored.  Every year at the Valentino Memorial Service the legacy of his life and work is upheld.  Our motto, dating to 1928 when it was first used and has continued - is "We Never Forget"   This year the Valentino Memorial Service will again make true that

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