Friday, January 29, 2016


Here is a close-up scan of one of Rudolph Valentino's pieces of stationary.  Over the years I have seen several types that he used; some said 'Rudolph Valentino'  some had the name of his home 'Falcon Lair' and some, such as this example had the three initials of his name
 Rudolph Valentino Guglielmi

I have always found it interesting, yet pleasing, that Rudy kept his original family name within his monogram.  Not only his stationary but his cigarette cases, luggage and many other personal artifacts were all monogramed with RVG.  The only thing I have found that is authentic that was monogramed with only RV was items in his stables.  His horse blankets had RV as well as did the brass and copper horse feed buckets!

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