Monday, February 22, 2016

Alberto Guglielmi Arrives September 1, 1926

Sadly, Alberto Guglielmi did not arrive in time for the New York funeral of his brother, the late Rudolph Valentino. (Alberto had not yet announced he was legally changing his surname to Valentino)  The funeral had been held two days prior on August 30, 1926 at St Malachy's Church.

However, when his ship arrived in New York, Alberto was met by Rudolph Valentino's manager, S. George Ullman.  Ullman and Pola escorted Alberto to the Frank E. Campbell's Funeral Church to view his brothers remains.  After Alberto's brief viewing, the casket was closed for all time.

Alberto Guglielmi, (center) clearly overwhelmed and distraught, was escorted by Ullman (left) to his suite at the Ambassador Hotel.  This photo was a candid newspaper photograph taken as he exited the car upon arrival at the hotel, September 1, 1926

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