Wednesday, February 17, 2016

British Versions of Valentino's Poetry "DAY DREAMS"

Rudolph Valentino penned a book of poetry while on strike from Paramount.  His quest for creative control in the productions he was the star had created a huge power struggle that ended up with Valentino walking out on his contract.  While the rift would later be settled; it took Rudolph Valentino off the screen from November 12, 1922 with the release of The Young Rajah - until his return on August 11, 1924 with Monsieur Beaucaire.

In the meantime he hastily wrote a book of poetry entitled "Reflections" but was renamed before it went to press in 1923 as "Day Dreams"  It was an instant hit and sold many copies.  It was published in Great Britain also in 1923 but with a bold blue cover.  The contents were exactly the same as the American version. 

In 1924 when Monsieur Beaucaire was released in London, the press book for the film shows that they released a paperback version of Day Dreams as a promotional tie in to the movie.

Both the blue hard cover as well as the paperback edition are much harder to find and on the collectors market are more valuable than the red covered American version.

Blue hardback edition, and paperback version of Daydreams

Page from the 1924 press-book for Monsieur Beaucaire

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