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"The Return of Rudolph Valentino" - Carol McKinstry

Spiritualist Carol McKinstry would write in her book "The Return of Rudolph Valentino" saying that he first appeared to her dressed as The Sheik on the night of December 7, 1926.  She said only his head and shoulders were manifested and he spoke to her about a screenplay he would write through her hands.

The screenplay/story was called "A Warning From Out The Ages"   Apparently the communication didn't come easily nor quickly.  McKinstry did not finish until late fall of 1938, a full 12 years after she had started. Valentino then penned an introduction where he opens with "Hail All!"

Carol McKinstry moved from her Washington DC residence to Hollywood in spring of 1941.  She found that the studios in Hollywood held little to no interest in such a unique project. McKinstry pressed forward and had Valentino's former business manager, S. George Ullman read the first draft.  Too polite to call it out as he saw it, but you can read through his very careful wording.  Ullman said:

"the substance of his message is more profound than his language in life, but his development can certainly be extremely marked during the years since he left us"

McKinstry proclaimed this as an endorsement and continued to shop it around.  Yet, with no doors in Hollywood opening she decided to put it into book form.  While this would take years to occur, she was a keynote speaker at many spiritualist topical events and at one point announced that she planned to start a Valentino Memorial Church of Psychic Fellowship"    On Valentino's birthday May 6, 1946 she got the current owners of Falcon Lair (Gypsy Buys) to allow her to conduct a séance in the living room. She was joined by small crowd which included Rudolph Florentino who attended that evening dressed in sheik attire.

Her book came out in 1952 and did not become the sensation she had hoped it would.  Carol McKinstry slipped out of public view after the late 1950's with the spiritualist craze having already peaked.  I am not sure how she finished out her life, but there is no doubt Carol McKinstry was an interesting lady.

Published 1952

Séance held at Falcon Lair on Rudy's birthday

McKinstry poses as if in deep meditation with Rudolph Florentino
 behind her for the newspaper

1956 letter from Carol McKinstry to Mrs. La Russo 

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