Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Valentino Association - London

After Rudolph Valentino's death in August of 1926 there were a lot of sincere parties who wanted to gather funds to pay tribute to this most remarkable movie star.  Some wanted the funds to go to charity work in Valentino's name, others wanted something more tangible such as a statue or chapel.

Rudy's manager upon his death, S. George Ullman, became the figurehead 'President' of the main drive to raise funds for a memorial for Rudy.  He got much support across the ocean from "The Valentino Association" which used his name and Valentino clout to organize on their end.  Here is some interesting correspondence from 1927 in which Ullman writes a kindly letter to Miss Nora Pye who resides in London, and gets her in touch with Miss M.C. Elliot who runs the London Valentino Association.  Miss Elliot would remain involved until her death in the 1980's  By the time of her death the club had long since been renamed The Valentino Memorial Guild and headed by Leslie Flint.

Letter from S. George Ullman to Miss Pye

Information sheet sent to people who inquired about donating/joining
 the Valentino Association in London

Oversize business card for The Valentino Association and Valentino
International Memorial

Nice letter to Miss Nora Pye from Miss M.C. Elliot  circa 1927

This receipt shows that Miss Nora Pye joined the Valentino Association

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