Thursday, February 11, 2016

Remember Valentino

Twelve years after his passing, Strand Press issued a small paperback booklet with 85 pages of reminisces of it's author Beulah Livingstone.  Livingstone was a publicist for United Artists.  On page 10 of the booklet she states "My first real friendship with Valentino started from the time he joined United Artists in early 1925."

She tells several insider stories that were, at the time, 1938 not known to the general public. It was exactly one of these stories that became famous.  She, in her role as UA publicist, attended the 1925 premiere in New York Mark Strand Theatre for 'The Eagle'  and after the movie, upon his exit, Rudy's limo (with Ms Livingstone in it) was completely surrounded by over-eager fans.

In order to clear a path of escape for his driver, Rudy reached into a box of brass "Eagle" coins that were movie premiums given out by theaters.  Rudy leaned out of the window and tossed the coins in all directions and as the fans scrambled to get them, it afforded them the ability to escape in the vehicle.  Beulah Livingstone passed away on January 12, 1975

Beulah Livingstone

"Eagle" coin that is still a prized Valentino collectable today

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