Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Valentino Film Footage at Mae Murray Wedding June 27, 1926

The Mae Murray - David Mdivani wedding occurred on June 27, 1926  Rudolph Valentino, as a favor to his long time friend Mae Murray agreed to serve as best man at the wedding.  No one in attendance that day at the Ambassador Hotel knew that in less than 60 days Rudolph Valentino himself would be dead.

Mdivani turned out to be a bad move for Mae Murray.  On his advise she walked out on her MGM contract thus putting her on the L.B. Mayer blacklist.  After the birth of their son, things took a turn for the worse; the depression hit and Mdivani duped Mae out of her fortune.  The Mae Murray story is heart-breakingly sad.  It's well documented in the wonderful book "Mae Murray - the Girl With the Bee-Stung Lips"   Author Michael G. Ankerich spoke at the 2012 Valentino Memorial Service the year the book was released. He read passages noting the Murray-Valentino friendship and alliance.

Film footage has never surfaced of the 1926 wedding festivities, however here are two frames that show that it was indeed filmed.  In these frames everyone seems so happy. 

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  1. The pictures also give an indication that Valentino was probably not as tall as some of us anticipated.