Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Valentino & Rambova - Hollywood Royalty

She rarely, if ever smiled.  However, she was an enchanting, stunning beauty of her time. Hollywood did take notice. So did Rudolph Valentino. That description would refer to Natacha Rambova the second wife of Rudolph Valentino; alas their marriage would crumble after two difficult years. (1923-1925)  Her story has been told in detail and depth in the scholarly researched book 'Madam Valentino' by author Michael Morris. I recommend you reading it!

Here is a vintage movie magazine that featured both Mr & Mrs Valentino on the cover identified as "The Valentino's"  Below that is the actual photo that the cover artwork was based upon.  No matter what your opinion of Rambova may be, the mere mention of her name in Valentino circles still draws heated discussion. 

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  1. Am I the first to make comparisons between the Valentinos and the Beckhams? David Beckham, fabulously charistmatic and always smiling...his wife Victoria, always by his side, but always looking glum!