Friday, February 26, 2016

Where Did Valentino's Flowers Go? - No! POLA, No!

Something I have always found interesting.... on the arrival at St. Malachy's Church there is a full length floral spray on top of Valentino's casket.  In the photo taken during the service, the floral arrangement is noticeably absent.   Then upon it's departure from the church they have returned.

I guess we can be thankful for small mercies that Pola Negri's over-the-top spray of flowers were prevented from being put on the casket.  Can you imagine if it had been allowed?  All photos would portray the huge P O L A  as it would have been visible to everyone as the casket was taken from Frank E. Campbell's to St Malachy's Church and then back to Campbell’s.   Ben Lyon said "It would make it look like an opening night for her"

Arrival - flowers are in place

During - flowers are missing

Leaving - flowers have returned

Pola Negri's casket spray of flowers ordered & made
but due to obvious reasons they were forbidden to be put on the casket.

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