Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Commissioner Gordon from Batman Visits Falcon Lair

In the 1920's Neil Hamilton was a silent film leading man.  An A list actor he gained steady employment even continuing when sound came in. In fact in 1931 he received billing over Clark Gable.  However by the mid-1940's roles dried up and he drifted into budget films and serials.  However he later ventured over to a new medium called television.

Appearing in many guest roles over the years he once again found fairly steady work. Then as luck would have it in 1966 the iconic television series Batman that stared Adam West and Burt Ward was launched.  Neil Hamilton, then 67 was cast as the stoic Commissioner Gordon and appeared in all 120 episodes.   

Here is a photo dated 1945 showing Neil Hamilton visiting Falcon Lair and looking at a coat that Valentino wore in "The Eagle"  he is standing in the living room and you can see the fireplace to his right.  This was during the time when Juan Romero was liquidating the Valentino owned items he had.  Apparently he was trying to obtain press coverage by having actor Neil Hamilton photographed at Falcon Lair with Rudy owned items.

Neil Hamilton at Falcon Lair holding Valentino's "The Eagle" coat
Neil Hamilton in a Silent era portrait
Neil Hamilton (left as Commissioner Gordon) and Adam West as Batman
Batman TV series ran from 1966-1968



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