Friday, March 18, 2016

Lets Cash In On Valentino! Valentino Re-Issues

As a struggling bit player in 1918 he was signed to play the mustached swarthy villain in "Over The Rhine" which was an anti-German film.  Before it could be released  WW1 had ended and war films were out of vogue.  The film was shelved.  The producers in order to recoup their investment recut the film two years later and in 1920 it saw limited release as "An Adventuress" 

In 1921 Valentino's star rocketed though the sky and once again the producers dusted off the film and recut it to include every scene Valentino (now a major star) had in the film, sometimes just inserting footage for the sake of seeing him again in the film.  No matter if the same footage was repeated over and over throughout the film - the producers thought it would work.  It didn't.  This 3rd attempt at marketing the film - now called "Isle of Love" and was released in 1922

As noted before with other studios, no one lost an opportunity to re-release; re-edit older Valentino films and make it appear his role was the staring part when in fact it was either a bit role or supporting role.  Mae Murray sued Universal when they re-released his films with her and gave Valentino staring credit.  Universal had to give in and put Mae Murray back in top billing.

Here are some scenes from 1918 "Over the Rhine"  aka 1920 "An Adventuress" aka 1922 "Isle of Love"

Second Edition of the film 1920

Third Edition of the film 1922 (lobby card)

One Sheet poster  from 1922

 Here are some nice shots from the film.  Some are pretty rare! The film was shot
almost 100 years ago

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