Friday, March 25, 2016

Lost Valentino - "Uncharted Seas"

Sadly 72% of all films made in the silent era are lost.  Mostly due to nitrate decomposition and the lack of foresight by the film studios.  When sound came in, anything to do with the silent era was  considered dated and laughed at and mocked.  Mary Pickford actually considered the option of having all her films destroyed upon her death due to that very reason.  Thankfully Lillian Gish talked her out of it.

One of the few stars from the silent era who retained their rightful place of honor in film history was Rudolph Valentino.  After his death in 1926 the demand for his films continued well into the silent era.  This caused studios (for the most part) to retain and preserve the Valentino films within their libraries.  Because of this, very few Valentino films are considered "lost"   One of them is "Uncharted Seas"  a film he made after the Four Horseman and it stared Alice Lake.  It was released on April 25, 1921 by Metro Pictures.  This was 3 years before they merged and became MGM.  Sadly, a film vault fire in the late 1940's destroyed the original negative and all existing prints of the film.

Come on!  Lets turn back the clock and visit the set to see some rare candid shots taken of the cast and crew as they worked in the cold REAL snow in upstate California.

Click on the photos to make them larger

Close-up view of the cast and crew. Alice Lake (left) and Rudy holding the coffee pot

Full version of above photo
Crew member holds Valentino's cigarette for him while waiting to shoot a scene

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