Thursday, March 31, 2016

Order In The Court!!

On November 9, 1925 Rudolph Valentino caused a sensation inside the Manhattan New York Supreme Court when he showed up to defend his friend Olga Petrova, who was being sued on grounds that she had plagiarized William Henry Robert's work "La Rubia" when she wrote her play "The White Peacock"  The below photo was taken 11/9/1925

However the Supreme Court of the state of New York sided with Roberts and the verdict was announced on December 2, 1925.   Later after Valentino's death Petrova tried to get the court to grant a stay of execution for paying the judgment.  This was denied on June 11, 1927 and Petrova had to pay up.

This is an often seen photo of Rudolph Valentino but the details behind it are quite interesting and seldom attached to the photograph.

Former actress and playwright Olga Petrova and Rudolph Valentino
November 9, 1925
Judgment announced in the papers December 2, 1925
June 11, 1927
This is the press snipe that was attached to the back of the
photograph above.

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