Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Pre- Star Valentino Memorabilia

All items related to Rudolph Valentino tend to be pricey. Any personal items from the estate are the most expensive and rarest.  Movie related items are more common however are still quite expensive.  We are now nearing the 100 year mark from when Valentino started in films.   The rarest film items on Valentino are what is called "pre-star" material.  This includes movie heralds, sheet music, lobby cards, posters in which Rudolph Valentino is prominent in said materials if they pre-date the Four Horseman (1921)

Here are two cards which are not re-issue (another thing to look out for) but are original issue lobby cards in which Valentino is shown on the card.  These measure 11X14 inches and were industry standard.

"A Rogue's Romance"  1919

"The Wonderful Chance"  1920

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