Wednesday, March 16, 2016

RUDOLPH VALENTINO - Photo of Universal Feature Film "The Big Little Person"

Many times its interesting to discover small details of Rudy's early film history.  Here is a vintage movie magazine ad that shows a heavily cropped photo saying that Rudolph Valentino as shown, was a heavy in a Universal film directed by Bob Leonard.

Robert Leonard was married to actress Mae Murray who was the star of the film.  I believe the photo to be from "The Big Little Person" 1919 Universal.   Of the five films Rudy made at Universal, in only one did he have a mustache, and that would be this film.  He was clean shaven in the other four Universal films "A Society Sensation", "Delicious Little Devil", "All Night" and "Once To Every Woman"

                                            Here is the movie ad with the film un-named

Here is a full photo from "The Big Little Person"  1919 Universal

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