Saturday, March 26, 2016

S. George Ullman - It's Not Nice To Steal!

Here is a bow tie that belonged to Rudolph Valentino accompanied by a typewritten and hand signed letter from his former manager George Ullman.  The letter written in just under five months of Valentino's passing shows George Ullman giving away parts of Rudolph Valentino's wardrobe. Interesting to note that he mentions acquiring them at the auction.  Not true!  While Rudolph Valentino's personal wardrobe was listed in the estate catalog - absolutely none of it was sold at auction. It was all removed at the request of Alberto Valentino who stated in Italian customs, it was considered in bad taste to sell a deceased persons clothing.

Apparently when Alberto wasn't looking George Ullman took many Valentino estate items, not just this bow tie.  I will be listing other Valentino estate items that good ole' George Ullman was selling on the side for years.

While George Ullman took the bow tie and gave it away, it is clear that the recipient, Mrs. Oaks of Chicago cherished the item and kept the letter and bow tie for the rest of her life.  A nice provenance  for a clothing piece of Rudolph Valentino

Notice that he is signing his letters with green ink!  What's up with that?!!

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