Monday, March 28, 2016

Rudolph Valentino at the Hollywood Bowl

In March of 1922 Will Hays was installed as President of the Motion Pictures Producers and Distributors of America. This was largely in response to the public outcry over Hollywood morals during the recent Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle scandal.  Hays' power was absolute over all studios and he developed "The Code" which determined what could and could not be done in motion pictures. 

Upon his arrival in Hollywood, a large event to welcome him as well as hear his remarks was held at the Hollywood Bowl.  All studios mandated that their stable of stars attend and support this event.  Rudolph Valentino was no exception and this rare photograph shows him shaking hands with Will Hays at the event.

The Hollywood Bowl did not have the shell dome as yet, that didn't come into being until late 1926.  Here are a couple of early shots of the Bowl to show you what it looked like at that time.

Valentino shakes hands with Will Hays at the Hollywood Bowl
Press snipe on back of photo
Hollywood Bowl circa 1926
Hollywood Bowl  Circa1927

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