Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Valentino - Vintage Collectable

In most cases of the items I post about here I have information & history on the piece which I share with you.  Sadly, with this one I admit I do not.  At first glance one would think such an item was one of the many tribute trinkets produced to cash in directly after his passing.

However, it shows his embossed signature with the date of July 1926, which is a month before he died. That being the case, I am not sure where these were made or what they were intended for.

I can say I have only seen 2 of them in my 20 years of collecting; one of the two I bought and that is what you see here.  I was also later able to obtain the brass mold for the item which is also shown here.  Someone had drilled holes in it and using screws had secured it to a block of wood.  I removed all that once I got it. 

The photos don't do it justice, in person is a perfect likeness of Rudolph Valentino made with some kind of hard 1920's plastic, it measures about 2 1/2" tall and about 2" across.

A rare keepsake regarding Rudolph Valentino! These don't show up very often.



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