Thursday, April 14, 2016

Cafe Montmarte - Places Valentino Went That Are Still In Existance

Sadly, in Los Angeles there aren't a lot of buildings that Rudy ever walked into that are still in existence.  Some of the hotels (Biltmore and Alexandra) are still standing.  Sadly, both of his homes have been knocked down. However there is a building right in the heart of Hollywood where Rudolph Valentino among other stars danced and partied the nights away.

Café Montmartre opened in January of 1923 at 6763 Hollywood Blvd.  It had a bank on the ground floor and the upper floor, only accessible by a flight of stairs .  It became THE nightspot to see and be seen.   Screenwriter Frederica Maas wrote that it was "a rendezvous spot for anyone who was anyone, or even aspired to be anyone"

So next time you're walking down Hollywood Blvd take pleasure in knowing that Rudolph Valentino used to walk down the same boulevard to get to the Café Montmartre.

Pictured is a vintage photo and one of how it looks today, 93 years later.  Valentino history!

Café Montmarte circa 1923

Vintage Newspaper Ad
Café Montmarte today at 6763 Hollywood Blvd
Aside from the awnings, the building has not changed in 93 years

Wrought Iron gates that lead to stairway entrance

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