Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Mineralava Sadness

When one sees the vintage newsreels of the Madison Square Garden finale event of the Rudolph Valentino Mineralava Beauty Contest, it is usually filled with smiles and pretty girls.

The fantastic unprecedented tour where at each stop Valentino would present a silver cup trophy to the lucky winners in the dancing contest and a pair of cloth dolls depicting him and his wife Natacha Rambova, to the beauty selected at each stop.  Sometimes depending on reasons unknown, the beauty selected would get a cup rather than the dolls.

Thus, at the Mineralava stop in Chicago Rudolph Valentino selected 18 year old Angelita Cuccinello as the most beautiful.  She was presented with a silver cup trophy and her selection assured her of a place at Madison Square Garden to compete for the crown.

She did go on to the Maddison Sq. Garden event but did not win and returned to her city of Chicago where she resided.  Somewhere over the following summer she fell ill and it took a while to recoup her strength.  She befriended an older lady Mrs. McGarity who was blind and would read to her in her spare time.

As Christmas time 1924 drew near, on a cold and icy day in Chicago, Angelita put a lovely Christmas card in the corner mail box addressed to Mrs. McGarity.  After depositing the letter she stepped out into the icy street to get to the center isle where the streetcars picked up and deposited passengers.   A large truck was skidding on the ice and had lost control and ran over poor Angelita before she could get out of its path.  She did not recover.

A few days later Mrs. McGarity called to thank her for the card and received the horrible news. 

Here is an article that will break your heart.  Below that is Angelita Cuccinello's silver cup trophy that Valentino presented to her just a year earlier.

Mineralava sadness.




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