Friday, April 1, 2016

Rudolph Valentino Goes To Church

In the August 1975 edition of the spiritual monthly magazine "Guidepost" an article written by a co-star of Rudolph Valentino appeared.  Written by Dagmar Godowsky, his female co-star of the 1924 film "A Sainted Devil" wrote of her witnessing a deep religious faith in Valentino.  I will let the story speak for itself.

The magazine "Guidepost" was founded in 1945 and is still being published today.  Here now, is an eye witness account in an article that has probably never been read by any of those who have written about Rudolph Valentino or his faith.


  1. What a wonderful article. This really helps us to understand Rudolph Valentino even more and that's very important. Too many times people have no clue what their favorite actor really was like...some of them even confuse the actor with the characters they've played.I keep learning more and more about Rudy's multi-faceted life and it's always fascinating!

  2. Beautiful article. And nice blog. Keep it up!