Monday, April 4, 2016

Valentino Estate Items #5 Solid Silver Demi-Tasse Cup & Saucer

Here is a stunning piece from my Valentino collection.  It's a solid silver Demi-Tasse cup and saucer with an Ivory handle.  The catalog says it was an antique in 1926 so its quite old.
Truly a stunning example of the exquisite taste Rudolph Valentino had.

This is listed in the Valentino Estate Catalog as #383 and states it was Mr. Valentino's personal set.  Sadly this is missing the small silver spoon with Ivory handle as mentioned in the estate catalog. It has somehow gotten lost through the years.  I have had people actually ask to drink out of it. 

Scan of its listing in the Valentino Estate Catalog

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