Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Valentino Forum - August 30, 1977

Here is a flyer from the original Lady In Black's files.  Called "California Town Meetings' they hosted a buffet lunch and after had a themed topic along with related guests.  This one was dated November 30, 1977 and Rudolph Valentino was the topic.

What is interesting is it touts the (then) new Ken Russell "Valentino" film as sizzling.  It talks of noted journalist May Mann; known because of her writings on Elvis, that she was now penning an sensational book on Valentino (this never came to pass)

Then onward it touts Ditra Flame' the original Lady in Black.  On August 23rd of this same year Ditra had triumphantly returned to the Valentino Memorial for what would become her last time, dressed once again as the Lady in Black.

Then they have Juan Romero - the first person to buy and occupy Falcon Lair after Rudy's death.  (The first person never occupied the house)  Interesting the flyer says he was a look alike and used by the studio to finish the studios incomplete film.  As we all know, Son of the Sheik was fully completed and in fact it was on the premiere tour of this film that Rudy fell ill when in New York.  Also - if you check photos in my prior posting on Juan Romero, I think you'd agree he certainly is not a "look alike" for Valentino.  Wishful thinking?  Perhaps.

The final entry shows that Alberto Valentino as late as November 1977 was willing to attend public Valentino events.  I am sure he was asked many questions about Rudolph Valentino and the estate battles after his brothers passing.  

One Valentino person I see was not invited to the Valentino forum;  that being S. George Ullman.  Perhaps he was busy that day.

I would have loved to be in attendance hearing these people and what they had to say.  The cost of attending, including lunch?   $4.50

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