Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Maria Gabriella Barbin Guglielmi - To Rudy In 1908 "Oppertunity To Go To America"

Here is a hand written letter from Rudolph Valentino's mother to him while he was away at school and just 13 years old.  The letter is dated January 15, 1908.  The translation was done professionally.

In her encouragement for him to apply himself to his studies she opens the possibility that one day he would perhaps get the "opportunity to go to America on a nice steamboat"

Yes, you read that correct.  Even as early as 13 years old his mother was planting the seed of America and the land of opportunity.

There is a book out that would lead you to believe that in 1913 at 18 years of age, he was surrounded by aunts and uncle's wagging their finger at him saying that he brought shame to the family and they all decided to send him to America in exile.

That "family gathering" and finger "wagging" was all made up!  Here's the proof  that as early as 13 years old his mother Maria Gabriella Barbin Guglielmi herself was suggesting going to America as a golden opportunity for her young son.  The trip didn't come to fruition until December of 1913 but now the truth is out that there was no dark cloud of shame upon him when he came to America.



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  1. I would suggest that the "finger-wagging" family conference was lifted from my published novel, "Dante Alfonso: Italian God Of The Silent Screen". The story is almost identical!