Friday, May 20, 2016

Rudy and George Ullman's Children Danny & Bobby

Here is a photo of Rudy visiting George Ullman's house on Foothill Blvd in Beverly Hills, just a mile from Falcon Lair.  In their back yard he poses with Bobby (on his lap) and Daniel sitting on bench.  It is well documented that Rudy loved children and its the lasting shame that his wish to have children of his own never came to pass, despite tabloid books that indicate otherwise.

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  1. It's sad that he never had children. I'm surprised of the lengths that fiction writers go to, though, in a lame attempt to prove that he was what they deem "a regular guy"..such as writing claptrap that he sired his nephew. Better for them to shame and insult him by accusing him of sleeping with his sister-in-law, I guess, than to consider the alternatives as suggested by more successful writers. I'm surprised that someone hasn't accused him of fathering Ullman's children by now. They don't care what they put his memory through to defend their obvious homophobia. And no matter what Rudy was, he WAS a regular guy, and would not have offered these detractors a second glance!