Thursday, May 26, 2016

Valentino Estate Items #6 Luther H. Mahoney

Valentino Estate Items are quite rare and often go for a pretty penny at auction.  This one is listed as #6 for if you scroll back you will see each time I post an Estate item, I number it so you will know what to search for.  This is from my collection.

This beautiful purple leather bound edition is the complete works of Shakespeare in miniature. Each volume contained within the purple leather bound casing is about the size of a deck of cards. 

Faithful worker for Valentino, Luther H. Mahoney acquired this set after Rudolph Valentino's death. Sadly, Mahoney has been badly maligned in a recent book but I am glad to see his descendants stepping forward and taking an active part in sweeping the fiction away from Luther's legacy.  No evidence to date has been presented to authenticate the fictional dialogue attributed to Luther Mahoney (used as quotes in the book!) nor that he stole anything from the safe of Rudolph Valentino.  He was an honest family man whom Valentino trusted above all others.


  1. This is very interesting. Having watched Rudy in "Monsieur Beaucaire" and noted his innate comic as well as dramatic talents, I feel sure he would have made a perfect Malvolio in "Twelfth Night".

  2. How wonderful to be able to possess something so beautiful/unique and which was once part of RV's extensive library. I think RV would have equally portrayed or given a wonderful performance as Theseus, Duke of Athens in a Midsummer Nights Dream.