Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Earliest Known Valentino Film Footage - "Patria" 1917 Serial

'Patria' a 1917 15 chapter serial featured Irene Castle and silent leading man Milton Sills.
Shot in and around New York Rudolph Valentino, was a 22 year old dancer at the time and worked as an extra.  Look at the below clip, in the exact middle and you'll see the earliest known footage of Rudolph Valentino

While the majority of the 15 chapters do not exist, the surviving footage along with some extra materials have been wonderfully packaged by the Serial Squadron and can be reached by this link  http://www.serialsquadron.com/dvds/silent/patria/

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  1. Filmed in 1916 at the Ithaca Studios in New York. The episode featuring Rudy is called 'Double Crossed' (start at 35:13) and he can be seen/glimpsed at 39:24, 43:13 and 43:49 for those who want to see the whole episode here...