Thursday, June 2, 2016

Mrs. William Cameron Menzies - Valentino's BLUE House

We all know of the legendary work of William Cameron Menzies.  He worked his genius on Rudolph Valentino's productions including Cobra but most importantly in The Eagle and Son of the Sheik.  Not to mention he created and designed the famous Valentino estate bookplate.

Here is a 1924 hand written tour guide of both Beverly Hills and Hollywood as written by Mrs. Menzies on her husband's stationary.  Its fascinating to see who's celebrity homes she selected, which included Valentino's (pre-Falcon Lair)

Who knew his Whitley Heights house was BLUE stucco?  You learn something new every day!

Valentino Book plate designed by William Cameron Menzies
after Valentino's death. Designed for his books to be sold at auction

The beautiful stunning set design on The Eagle was done by Menzies


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