Monday, June 6, 2016

Quick Call A Doctor ..... I Need Whiskey

During prohibition finding legitimate liquor was difficult.  Bootleg Whiskey was common.  However, there was a legit way to obtain real Whiskey.  How? you ask?  Simple - have your doctor prescribe it!   Yes, that was one of the ways that Rudolph Valentino got his whiskey.  Here is a prescription for Rudolph Valentino for whiskey dated May 22, 1926 and states to be delivered to the Beverly Hills Hotel.  A party?  Perhaps they were all sick and needed whiskey.  I would love to know what "illness" was ever cured by whiskey.  Those were the days, the roaring twenties!  The prescription has cancelled marked across it so perhaps the people at Valentino's party all got well without needing whiskey after all.

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  1. I see they spell it whiskey and not whisky. Whiskey, spelled this way, is Irish and not made in Scotland. Some Harley Street physicians said it was less bitter, and good for stomach ailments! Maybe he had an Irish doctor!