Wednesday, June 1, 2016


"The Delicious Little Devil" was a Universal film released in 1919.  It was the third film Rudy made at the studio and would go on to make two more.  It was the first film he made with his co star Mae Murray.  He would make one more with her called "Big Little Person"  A big "woops!" in the spelling of her first name on this title card.  Often quite rare is publicity material or often called campaign material on these early films. These were sent to the theatres to promote the film.  They'd put clips of quotes from the press kit in the local papers and order the available posters according to their need.  When a Valentino press kit from this era shows up its a rare day indeed.   Here for you is the complete press kit for the film.  It makes for a wonderful read, not to mention seeing all the posters available to promote the film!




  1. Fabulous! Although this film doesn't always score highly with silent film enthusiasts it is the one where RV shines brightly with an animated performance clearly depicting his future traits. A very delicious little devil indeed.

  2. Who would have predicted back then that this "minor star" would enter legend as one of the greatest actors of the 20th century, while the leading lady in the film would end up virtually forgotten save by silent movie aficionados?